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Okan Bayterek Complex- Almaty  

Employer: Bayterek A.Ş.
Job Title: Okan Bayterek Complex
Location: Astana/ Kazakhstan
Contract Date: 2006
Date of completion:
Total construction site: 220.000 m2
Characteristics: 1.000 vehicle capacity Bayterek Complex is made up of Okan Bayterek Residans Almata, Okan Bayterek Hotel Almata, Bayterek Office Towers and Bayterek Shopping Center. 

Extending over an area of 40.000 m2, Okan Bayterek Hotel Almata is a five star hotel designed to include everything from 218 hotel rooms and 1300 m2 ball hall to store rooms, a fitness center, spas, indoors carpark, meeting halls, an alacarte restaurant for about 210 people, a roof restaurant for 150 people, dry cleaning and room service. 

Okan Bayterek Residans Almata, on the other hand, has been built over 45.000 m2 and consists of two towers with 21 storeys and 195 residences and flats with various alternatives. 

And Bayterek Office Tower extends over 20.000 m2 construction site and has 19 storeys. 

Bayterek Shopping Center is a five storey building with a leasable area of 37.000 m2 and has a 4.800 m2 supermarket, 164 store rooms and 3 cinema halls. Apart from these, Bayterek Shopping Centre includes an ice rink and a bowling hall.
Okan Grand Sultan Petropavlovsk Shopping, Entertainment and Residence Complex

Employer: Okan İnşaat A.Ş.
Job Title: Okan Grand Sultan Petropavlovsk Shopping, Entertainment and Residence Complex
Location: Petropavlovsk/ Kazakhstan
Contract Date: 2006
Date of completion:2008
Total construction site: 25.233 m2
The complex is composed of a Shopping and entertainment center positioned between two residence blocks. The Shopping center of the complex, which designed by world-famous architect Tatsumi Yamamoto to cover all needs born by the modern technology and lifestyle, such as health clubs, supermarkets, boutique shops, cinemas, bowling facilities, playgrounds for children and walking tracks, central security system and central system satellite anntennas, covers an area of 6200 m2 and is made up of 137 store rooms. The modern residences, on the other hand, occupy a living area of two 10 storey buildings with a total of 96 flats.